Engineer,Team Fortress 2
"Makin' bacon."






Solider of TF Industuries




A soft-spoken, amiable Texan with a knack for all things mechanical, the Engineer chooses to build and maintain buildings that benefit the team rather than engage in much direct combat. The Engineer's various gadgets include the Sentry gun, an automated turret that fires at any enemy in range, the Dispenser, a device that replenishes the health and ammo of nearby teammates and Teleporters that quickly transport his teammates to the fray.

However, the Engineer's ingenious devices are under constant threat from explosives and devious enemy Spies; a good Engineer must keep his gear under a watchful eye and in good repair at all times. When the Engineer needs to get his hands dirty, his trio of generic, yet capable weapons combined with the assistance of his helpful hardware make him more than capable of holding his own in a fight.


  • Shotgun: His primary weapon.
  • Pistol: His secondary weapon.
  • PDA: For building and destroying sentries, dispensers and teleporters.
  • Wrench: For building and fixing the sentries etc.
  • Repair Node: A device for fixing buildables while engineer's away.

Engineer can build sentries, dispensers and teleporters.