"Kill them all!"


Russia(Soviet era)




Solider of TF Industries

A towering, ham-fisted hulk of a man hailing from the glorious USSR, the Heavy is, as his name suggests, the heaviest class in Team Fortress 2, boasting the highest stamina, the biggest gun, and the slowest footspeed. His firepower is highly impressive, allowing him to quickly mow down opposing babies, cowards and teeny-men in seconds. However, revving up and firing his Minigun brings his already-unimpressive speed to a snail's pace, making him an open (and very large) target for any enemy outside his range of fire. Though large and imposing, this makes the Heavy somewhat vulnerable on his own, but with his good friend the Medic at his back and a well coordinated team flanking him, he can become an unstoppable embodiment of destruction. The Heavy can even benefit his team in ways that don't involve bullets, fists and bullets. By periodically dropping plates of Sandviches, he can give his teammates a delicious and much-appreciated health boost.

The Heavy is arguably the 'face' of Team Fortress 2, appearing the most prominently in box-art and promotional materials as well as starring in the very first Meet the Team video and all following ones to date. Eqipment

Minigun(Sasha): Heavy's propane-powered minigun.Uses cartige rounds.

Enhanced Minigun(Natasha): Enhanced powered minigun.Uses cooler.

Shotgun: Basic shotgun as secondary weapon.

Sandwich: Level 1 Lunch Box sandwich.Restores his health.

Dalokoh's Bar: Level 10 Lunch Box choclate.Restores his health and makes him faster a bit.

Fists: Not fast but one punch and knock-out!

K.G.B: Killing gloves of boxing.More pain and blood.