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Hi Bling1907 -- we're excited to have Bling1907 Wiki as part of the Wikia community!

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-- Catherine Munro @fandom

nice!!! Edit

is the story about your escape from raccoon? Can i be the second main character? How about the story is where we first meet and you join the UBCS.-JosephFrost0304

You? Edit

You're another survivor from Raccoon City.Goverment wanted you to work with me in a Tanker Infiltriaton(Tanker Incident,MGS2)After that,you and I found lots Umbrella files and start the UBCS.Whaddya say?-Bling1907

okay. Edit

That sounds good. But your not the co-founder. But you are the most loyal member. You are now the second in command of the UBCS! P.S. can you make me a admin?-JosephFrost0304

Of course Edit

but how?-Bling1907

how. Edit

Go to the special user rights page.-JosephFrost0304. P.S. Nice new pic of me=D


I think i'm an admin now! Thanks!-JosephFrost0304

who Edit

who would win in a fist fight, you, or forerunner?-user:JosephFrost0304

on real? Edit

i!i do kick a** on a bar fight.-Bling1907

your 21 you can't drink beer!-user:JosephFrost0304

don't tell anyone but i drink a bit..:D-Bling1907

I just looked it up. The drinking age is 21! I thought it was 7.... man, i started way to early:D-user:JosephFrost0304

damn right!:D-Bling1907

Who would win in a fist fight to the death, Me and you fighting GunFreak and Forerunner.-user:JosephFrost0304 But write out how you think it would play out on the Killing Spree page. Example: Joseph back hands Forerunner across the face while Bling bashed a pool stick over gunfreaks head!:D

HA! Edit

Just to let ypu know i'm done talking with forerunner and gunfreak. I just don't wanna get in more trouble than i already am. But you can still do the Killing spree thing. P.S. Forerunner is only 13 years old!:D-user:JosephFrost0304

o rly?!13?!how'd you learn that?!-Bling1907

Check out his user page on Also, did your nephew ever end up playing?

my nephew?! Edit

long time..BTW Axel's back!:S-Bling1907

I saw. Go to the Axel's back page on and we will start the fight!-JosephFrost0304

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